Club Car enhancing the visitor experience at Watatunga Wildlife Reserve

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Club Car®, a global leader in golf, consumer and utility vehicles, has provided a fleet of electric cars to a nature reserve that is home to Europe’s largest collection of deer and antelope. 

Watatunga Wildlife Reserve in Norfolk, UK is a conservation facility spread over 170 acres of woodlands, grasslands and lakes, where animals roam freely in the natural environment.

The new fleet of Club Car Onward vehicles allow visitors to explore the reserve, take in the stunning scenery and see the deer and antelope up close.

In this new video, Watatunga co-founders Edward Pope and Anna Hamilton explain why they chose Club Car, how the vehicles are used and why these versatile cars have become a highlight of the visitor experience.

WATCH: Watatunga Wildlife Reserve 

The feedback on the cars has been so positive,”says Anna Hamilton. “People really enjoy driving them, and the self-drive element has become one of the unique selling points about Watatunga.”

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