Empowering Club Managers

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The role of a club manager used to start and finish with the operation of the facility itself. Now, there is now an entire online world to consider – and not all clubs have the luxury of a dedicated department or even a marketing manager to guide them through the intricacies of areas such as video, social media and SEO.

As part of LANDMARK’s work with CMAE England, the network for current and aspiring club managers, we run workshops to help its members develop skills and broaden their expertise. Last month our Content & Communications Manager, Nick Reinis-Keightley, hosted a seminar on how to use video content for club communications.

The session outlined why video is important, how it helps engage different audiences on various platforms and its unique ability to connect with and inspire trust in these audiences. 

The group of club managers learned how video is also central to impactful club communications, what equipment is required and the basics for setting up and filming.

The hands-on element of the session included practising interviewing one another and discussing what aspects of club news they could communicate through video. (Check out three quick ideas for clubs using video in this article).

“Clear information, well presented and completely achievable,” summarised one attendee afterwards, “with simple, practical advice that we can take back to tour clubs and use to good effect.”

The next seminar for CMAE England is in June, on ‘Seven Steps to Effective Brand Communications in Your Club’, led by LANDMARK’s Managing Director, Gary Firkins.

Covering topics such as the importance of brand content and storytelling, the workshop will take participants through how to influence customer behaviour – member loyalty, engaging prospects, etc – providing real-life examples to illustrate each step. 

For more information about digital training for your club, resort or business, drop a note to [email protected].