Inform, Educate, Entertain

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It was John Reith, General Manager and Managing Director of the BBC (1922-27) who so succinctly defined the media organisation’s mission statement for public service broadcasting: Inform, Educate, Entertain. In Landmark’s view, it’s a mantra that might very neatly be applied to private club member communications, too.

That’s because when you go beyond simply ‘informing’ members of what they need to know, you start to build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with customers, generating understanding, earning trust and rewarding their loyalty.

Clearly, clubs needs to tell their members what’s happening – but for many clubs, this is where communication starts and ends.

Most member communications are glorified notice boards or wordy, top-down letters from presidents, captains or committees.

Clubs often complain that members don’t read communications; but learn to understand how members wish to be communicated to and what works.

That could mean push notifications via an app, or the club manager recording a short video, which is more likely to be watched than a lengthy text email.

Of course, measure the effectiveness of your communications – and amend to improve.

OK, the club isn’t meant to be an educational resource and the members aren’t joining to improve their IQs – but education fills the dangerous void that breeds misinformation.

The clubhouse bar is full of amateur agronomists, who all think they know why the greens aren’t as good as they should be.

But take the time to explain and educate members on what your expert superintendent or greenkeeper is doing, the specific challenges and solutions they are employing, and you might just cut off the conspiracy theories and earn understanding – and trust.

All golfers want to play better golf and use the right equipment, so engage your PGA Professionals to communicate their expertise through video tips.

That way, the club is adding value to the member experience.

Entertainment in the club communications sense doesn’t mean trying to be funny, it means reflecting the enjoyable reasons why members join a golf club.

Ultimately, it’s about providing content that rewards members and generates loyalty.

This could be video interviews with other members, reflecting people’s natural curiosity about others. (It’s a club, after all.)

Or, it could be a short video from the chef or bar manager on how to mix the perfect club cocktail.

Bring the club to life through communications, so even when members aren’t at the club they feel connected, valued and loyal to their club.