Recruit Better with Digital Storytelling

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In a challenging recruitment market, The Grove – the luxury golf resort in Hertfordshire – has taken a fresh approach to attracting and retaining high-quality employees.

Recognising that appealing to top talent requires far more in today’s world than simply offering a salary and benefits package, The Grove created a multimedia presentation to showcase its credentials as an employer.

‘Your Career at The Grove’ uses the power of digital storytelling to stand out from the competition. 

Featuring video, striking imagery and interviews, the presentation conveys the company’s brand values and culture, and gives you a taste of what to expect as an employee, from the benefits and perks on offer to the opportunities for professional development.

It shines a light on long-serving employees and their journeys up through the ranks, showing the potential for career progression and what it is possible to achieve. 

The key word there is showing. Any company can say they care about staff development, but using video interviews with people who are the very proof of the organisation’s commitment to careers has far greater impact.

Past employees are also featured as examples of how working at The Grove can be a springboard to other prestigious roles in the UK and abroad.

The presentation has been the basis of a wider campaign across The Grove’s social media, too. The videos within it can be used as standalone pieces of content for social media – particularly LinkedIn – or even broken down further into bitesize snippets.

The Wisley is another venue taking a very different approach to recruiting. 

In the last couple of years the Surrey venue has gained a Sponsor Licence, allowing them to welcome employees from abroad – resulting in three greenkeepers from Kenya and one from Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) joining the team.

Hear the stories of Catherine, Davis, Joseph and Wandile in this video we produced for Syngenta’s Growing Golf campaign.

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