How to optimise influencers

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Do influencers matter? Are they relevant in golf and can they help you drive new business?

The truth is, very few are genuinely influential and you (or your marketing agency) will need to select the right influencer and manage them correctly to deliver tangible results.

The good news is that, as a marketing channel, there is transparency.

Subscriber and follower numbers are there for all to see. You can view comment exchanges, engagement levels and performance statistics.

In short, the visible statistics indicate how influential they could be.

If you are considering influencer marketing, I’d recommend 3 ‘fitness tests’ to assess whether an individual is the right fit for your resort or club:

1) Is their profile a good fit for your brand?

Does their personality and profile fit with your resort or club? Are they someone who can help clearly communicate your venue’s value proposition to their followers? Are they someone you can collaborate with to create compelling and engaging brand experience content?

You’re not always going to find the perfect fit. But providing they are flexible and receptive to your input, the end result should create a harmony between venue and influencer, helping to raise awareness and drive engagement with their followers.

Content producers and influencers at PGA Catalunya Golf and Wellness in Spain, with Tour Professional, Sergio Garcia.

2) Is the quality of their content consistent with your brand?

What are people saying about their content? Is it driving genuine engagement? Is it well shot, varied and interesting?

You cannot (and won’t) want the influencer to shoot or film anything overtly promotional or out of keeping with the kind of content they typically produce. It won’t drive impact and, if anything, will do you both a disservice.

Collaborate and agree on what content will be created so they can share their thoughts and ideas, too, and have a clear picture of what your expectations of them are when they arrive at your venue.

Centenary celebrations at Gleneagles with YouTube content producer, Peter Finch.

3) Are their followers’ prospective customers?

Can influencers go beyond awareness and drive actual business? First, you need to find out if their followers are potential customers.

Start with research. Once you have shortlisted some influencers, ask them about the profile of their audience.

Identify the age, location and interests, and determine who these people actually are.

The next step? Test the audience’s appetite.

Add specific links to your website or landing page(s) from their content and track follower movements. You’ll soon find out if increased awareness is helping to drive actual business.

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