New Callaway Apparel spring/summer 2024 collection for men takes inspiration from iconic golf destinations

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Callaway Apparel has today unveiled its comprehensive new Spring/Summer 2024 Collection for Men, led by a line of fresh and modern conversational print Polo Shirts influenced by some of the game’s great golf destinations.

While staying true to the brand’s authentic, performance-driven golf heritage and focus on innovation, these standout prints are inspired by iconic venues like Pebble Beach Golf Links and Seminole Golf Club in the USA.

Helen Willsmer, Brand Director of Callaway Apparel, said: “We’re always focused on creating collections that bring together fashion and performance in versatile garments of superior quality, and that are brought to the fore in Men’s SS24 range. We take a modernist approach to the clothing we create and are proud to excel in products specific for golf.”

Prints use the terrain, as well as native flora and fauna, to capture a truly unique look within each print design. Calmer statement prints in unique shapes, textures and patterns also keep the collection sophisticated and elevated.

Performance fabrics with natural fibres are a crucial ingredient across the SS24 range, as well as Callaway Apparel’s Eco Cooling Technology, which comprises gel-like fibres interwoven into garments offering an immediate cooling effect. 

The brand’s “ECO” focus continues. Recycled poly yarns made from used plastic bottles and environmentally-friendly fabric ‘treatments’ also underline the brand’s commitment to sustainability, the environment and a low-carbon footprint.

In addition, and feeding into consumer demand for easily wearable prints that stand the test of time, Men’s SS24 showcases a new assortment of trademark Callaway ‘Chev’ logo prints, including an update to the best-selling Gingham Print, with a twist.

Underpinning this new bright seasonal collection, rich in standout patterns and statement prints, are all-day trans-seasonal and classic pieces, the essentials for any golfer, that will quickly become go-to staples thanks to their timeless aesthetic and longevity throughout every golf season.

The collection will be supplied to retail in three deliveries. Delivery one is underpinned by calming colours, thanks to the inclusion of colours like Ash Green and Chambray Blue, along with the addition of Warm Hue Peach, which creates a more adventurous side to this soothing delivery.

The second delivery features luminous pastel shades like Limpet Shell Turquoise and Candy Pink, evoking positivity, and Navy and White offering reassuring familiarity. The final delivery is grounded in Asphalt Grey and White, juxtaposed with uplifting colours like River Blue and Purple Orchid. This palette is confident and impactful and stimulates the senses.