By Michael Roberts, Digital Marketing Consultant

A curious state of affairs has emerged out of Silicon Valley. Instagram, acquired by Facebook in 2012, has surpassed the growth rate of its parent company.

How? The move towards more visual communication; an intense focus on user journey; rigorously tested new features and simple, accessible stats helping users and businesses understand what works and how to grow their accounts.

I would hazard that if you took a straw poll of the next 10 people you encounter, asking which social media app they open up first on any given day, at least 8 or 9 would answer ‘Instagram’.

What does this all mean for golf? A challenge to confront? Or opportunity to capitalise on?

I’m regularly asked by industry peers which platform they should publish to the most. Taking account of where social media users are spending their time and where you can achieve the highest levels of engagement, my answer (as of right now) is Instagram.

The challenge is with more and more content being published on a daily basis, and more and more organizations vying for the attention of its users – the emphasis on compelling content has never been greater.

But the opportunity is a userbase of over 1 billion, with simple tools to find and connect with golfers worldwide including, crucially, specific target markets.

So, how do you leverage Instagram as an invaluable platform for your content and steal a march on your competitors? Here’s some quick tips:

  • Document through Instagram stories. Give users a glimpse inside your golf world – it creates interest, intrigue and long-term engagement.
  • Upload short videos. They receive the most engagement (typically 2x more than an image post) and the fact you can now film 4k quality on mobile phones means there’s no excuse not to.
  • Create a highlights reel by saving stories to your homepage. This will allow a lasting footprint for showcase events or memorable days.
  • Don’t litter your posts with hashtags. Keep it relevant and limit it to less than 10.
  • Tag other users in your content. It’ll enhance reach, allow you to tap into their network and gives a sense of who your customers are.
  • Learn through insights. Set your account to Business and learn from the insights section. It’s simple, clear and you’ll quickly see which content works best.