By Michael Roberts, Digital Marketing Consultant

Allow me a moment of your time. It’ll be worth it. Promise.

The attention span of golf audiences is narrowing. Indeed, the attention span of all audiences is narrowing. Increasingly so in recent years.

Now researchers from the Technical University of Denmark have confirmed that this is a result of the sheer amount of information presented to the public.

Professor Sune Lehmann, who worked on the study confirms: “It seems that the allocated attention time in our collective minds has a certain size but the cultural items competing for that attention have become more densely packed.”

What do people choose to engage with? What’s most relevant or meaningful to them? Or what’s new and what’s hot?

The reality is that as the volume of content increases, it can exhaust consumers’ attention, resulting in consumers switching between topics more regularly.*

So, what does this all mean for golf brands, resorts and organisations?

In short, your messages need to be creative, relevant, and told through a medium people want to invest their (increasingly short) time in.

Reassuringly, Lehmann acknowledges how quality content can transcend attention span and command their own space.

With more platforms, data and content out there, attention span is seemingly only going one way – down. Which means you should:

  • Take a creative approach to content you create, setting it apart from what people will see elsewhere
  • Feed the content to (and only to) relevant audiences, i.e. audiences who will find it genuinely interesting
  • Invest time and energy in innovative, longer-form stories to build brand awareness
  • Put different spins on the same content (images, words, graphics) and phase this out over time

Here’s some examples of content which hits the sweet spot, and creates impact in this densely packed world:

  1. European Tour’s ‘Chase the Ace’ series features Tour players attempting to make a hole-in-one with 500 balls. It takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, gives them a deeper insight into the mindset of a player, and (if they score a hole-in-one) builds to an exciting crescendo.
  2. Interview with Massimo Ferragamo by Square Mile. Emotive, impassioned and personal. The story of bringing a Tuscan dream to life in the form of Castiglion del Bosco.
  3. Gleneagles social media activity during The Solheim Cup was creative, varied and introduced followers to the people behind the golf scenes of the glorious playground. Not to mention helping to drive new followers and increased engagement.


*Phillip Lorenz-Spreen is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany