By Tyler Curtis, Head of Content

Golf clubs, resorts and courses are often poor at communicating with customers – and even worse at creating effective content.

The problem usually starts with misunderstanding the role of communication (think customer relations, not just information and offers) and the importance of good content (e.g. to reward and enhance loyalty).

I can’t count the number of websites and social media feeds I have visited, some from great venues, that don’t come close to reflecting the true experience they provide.

Golf social feeds are frequently just reels of sales messages. Boring newsletters are little more than administrative bulletins. And websites are full of dry, dated information.

But the opportunity is to engage customers by delivering a brand experience, bringing your venue to life and creating an emotional connection.

Here’s how:

Tell Stories

People love stories. It’s hardwired.

Your golf venue is more than just a site for a hobby: clubs are communities of people, and resorts are the destinations of shared journeys and adventures, places to escape to with friends and families.

These stories matter to your customers and bring your venue to life.

Everyone has a story to tell, and it doesn’t have to be long or eloquent.

Interview members on how they became a member and what it has meant to them over the years, or speak to customers about events or memorable moments.

Introduce staff members and their expertise.

Share pictures and videos.

You already have the stories. You just need to tell them.

Be Useful

Give people something of value where you can. By doing so, you are rewarding loyal customers.

Engage your PGA Pro to create golf instruction tips or review new equipment – all golfers want to know how to play better and what clubs to use.

People love to learn new things and improve.

Be Authentic

Don’t take yourself too seriously. People today like to see the human side of your business.

When Landmark was filming golf instruction videos with the PGA professionals at The Grove, we kept the bloopers and shared them later. People loved it.

You don’t have to be funny all of the time, but keeping a grounding of authenticity will give all of your content more meaning and impact.

When people visit your website or look you up on social, don’t miss your chance to give them an experience and a taste of life at your venue.

For private clubs, this is your opportunity to add real value to members, help them feel in touch with the community and build loyalty.

Thoughtful, authentic content is a powerful tool for your business.

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