By Tyler Curtis, Head of Content

B2C is the place to engage with emotions; B2B is for hard facts and logic.

So goes the mantra.  And it feels right – that business decisions are less emotionally driven, more based in information and research. But is it true?

At Landmark we have always worked under this supposition: however big the business you are engaging with, whether in golf or any other sector, in the end you don’t deal with a business – you deal with people.

And people are driven by their emotions (yes, even at work).

Some fresh research from The B2B Institute at LinkedIn confirms this approach, revealing that B2B strategies that appeal to emotions are 7x more effective at driving long-term sales, profits and revenue than those just delivering rational messaging.

So while the final Call-To-Action, the actual act of buying, may be a rational decision to meet a particular need, the building of a positive association with your brand is a highly emotional process.

And people are more likely to listen to a rational argument from a brand whom they already feel positive about.

As part of our B2B campaign for world-leading golf car brand, Club Car, we produced videos to highlight the brand’s position as an Official Supplier to The Ryder Cup.

The Ryder Cup, of course, is one of golf’s biggest events. And unlike other tournaments, it stirs deep tribal feelings of patriotism and camaraderie.

So while we could have talked about facts and numbers, the size of the fleet and scale of the tournament, we saw an opportunity to engage with something more compelling.

Something much more emotional.

We focused on engaging with the powerful emotions attached to The Ryder Cup, amplifying Club Car’s position as an iconic part of the tournament in order create a strong positive association for the Club Car brand, and ultimately influence business decisions down the road.