A community of over 120 new female golfers from across Scotland have arrived at Gleneagles to show their support for Team Europe in The Solheim Cup.

The group, all participants of women’s coaching initiative love.golf, travelled in from all corners of the country to be part of event. For the majority of them, The Solheim Cup represents their first experience of a professional golf tournament.

Among the attendees is Karen Harkins, a love.golfer from West Kilbride. Karen, who is 39 and married with two children, has been part of the programme for over two years. Commenting on her Solheim experience, Karen said: “When I first walked into Gleneagles, I could feel the atmosphere, the excitement building and the energy coming from all the fans.

“I’m fortunate to have attended other golf events too, but none of them are like this. In my mind, this is how golf events should be.”

Also attending was Dawn, part of an avid group of over 50 love.golfers based in Fraserburgh, who said: “Today has been a truly memorable experience. It feels genuinely special to be a part of this love.golf community from all over Scotland.

“Everyone has fully immersed themselves in the Solheim experience and have cheered Team Europe on at every turn.”

Accompanying the group are love.golf coaches from each of the Scottish venues, along with Head Coach and Founder, Alastair Spink, who commented: “The Solheim Cup is a real showcase of the women’s game, full of excitement and drama from start to finish.

“We are fortunate to have recruited an enthusiastic and committed group of love.golfers, particularly in Scotland, and I think this opportunity and experience at Gleneagles will take their enthusiasm to the next level.”

love.golf attendees were supplied tickets to the event by PING, who have also supported the initiative by sending over 80 starter sets to love.golf venues UK-wide for newcomers to the game to use during their sessions.

Host venue of The Solheim Cup, Gleneagles, recently announced its support of love.golf, hosting a launch event in August, and soon to be followed up by a series of continuing sessions.

love.golf is currently inviting new coaches to take on the programme at their club or venue. Interested parties should contact Head Coach Alastair Spink (alastair@love.golf) for more information.

For more information on love.golf visit: www.love.golf