By Will Chamberlain, Account Manager

Should resorts have dedicated social media channels for golf, separate from other amenities such as hotel, gym and spa?

As an agency, it’s a question we’re often asked.

The answer is not about personal preference, but should be contemplated based on the business opportunity it creates.

A golf-centric social media channel can certainly be a highly effective (and lucrative) marketing channel, but it needs to be clear, defined and highly targeted.

The first question should be – what do you want to achieve?

Very often social media activity is scatter-gun at best, seen by many resorts as a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than an essential touchpoint to drive new business. Having golf-specific social media channels undoubtedly works, but there has to be a plan and a clear strategic route-map detailing what you are aiming to achieve.

The Grove near London is a great example of a resort that has carefully considered its social media footprint and created specific channels for golf audiences, which is now driving engagement, loyalty, advocacy and, ultimately, new business.


A few tips and examples to consider:

#1 ­– Be a visual storyteller

Creative captions do not always do the trick on social platforms. Visual storytelling tactics will enable brands to capture and hold the attention of their audience for longer, especially on Instagram, and social media algorithms will tend to prioritise these posts, too.

The Grove focus on mixing up the type of content posted by using an array of imagery and videos to ensure they stimulate, and ultimately engage the audience.

#2 – Be consistent

Brands should create consistent and regular content. Each post should be of a quality that mirrors the brand positioning and should contain relevant information that their audience will care about.

Benchmark the quality of your content, and stick to it.

#3 – Don’t hashtag aimlessly

For golf venues, hashtags help shape a community of like-minded people and bring awareness to the ‘product’. The Grove, for example, uses the #golfatthegrove hashtag to its advantage by creating a unique, simple and memorable tag specific to its product, rather than tagging aimlessly.

#4 – Review, modify, improve

Don’t be precious with your posts – some types of content will initiate higher levels of engagement among your audience than others. Honestly review and analyse what has most effectively engaged your audience, then do more of that.

For example, when reviewing competition posts for The Grove, it became clear that graphics best catch the attention of their followers, and consequently influenced higher engagement than a video or image.

#5 – Listen to your audience

Who are your audience and what do they want to see? Analyse your profile insights and don’t be afraid of inviting your followers to voice their opinion. Polls on Twitter are an effective method to gain first-hand insight from your followers.