By Tyler Curtis, Head of Content

Smart marketers and salespeople have always known that stories outperform data when it comes to persuasion.

Stories are a sense-making mechanism; they are easy to understand and they resonate with our own lives.

While this has been long understood, the advent of the internet, and especially social media, has given every brand a broadcasting platform.

Suddenly, storytelling is at forefront of marketing, and the shrewdest brands are capitalising on this creatively and beautifully.

The true power of brand storytelling is that, instead of shouting about how your business or product is best, you have an opportunity to create a story that resonates with your customers, and invite them to be a part of it.

When this is done well, you don’t just create customers, you create brand evangelists.

At Landmark, the question at the heart of all our work is: “What’s the story?”

For one of our clients, The Club at Castiglion del Bosco – Italy’s only truly private golf club and wine estate, crowning the Tuscan hills – we wanted to create a video celebrating the golf course.

Instead of the usual flyover video with a droning hole-by-hole description, we wanted to tell a story – the centuries-old story of the Tuscan landscape, the custodianship of the estate and the artistry of the course architect, Tom Weiskopf.

In our film ‘Art on the Ground’, Tom Weiskopf talks personally about how his artistic talent came from his mother, how nervous he felt working with a historic landscape, and his pride in how the owner entrusted him with the estate.

Watch the film and see how this is different to most course videos:

When creating a multimedia editorial for our client Syngenta and its Growing Golf campaign, we examined the benefits of golf to good mental health.

The feature was initially titled “Can golf help today’s mental health crisis?” and was going to focus on statistics and expert insights alone.

But searching for a human interest story, we came across Sam Gerry, a teenage boy for whom golf helped to draw him back from the depths of depression and the verge of suicide.

The headline became “Golf saved my life”, taken from Sam’s own words to us, and his story brought the statistics and academic opinion to life in a powerful and deeply human way.

Golf saved my life
Read “Golf saved my life.”

At Landmark we try to remember that every customer, whatever their status, is a human being. And human beings simply cannot resist a good story.