By Tyler Curtis, Head of Content

Creating this video for was one of those rare and surprising experiences.

Travelling to Thonock Park, Lincolnshire, for the launch of the programme there, I was already very familiar with the brand and the ethos behind it.

But it’s hard to explain just how innovative this approach to learning golf is until you see it in action – the coaches fade into the background as the women interact, experience and find their way together.

For an industry oft accused of being stuck in the past, the initiative is a much needed counter-weight: modern, inclusive and, most importantly, research-driven rather than tradition-led.

After the session, we got the chance to interview some of the participants, and the same word kept coming up from them too – surprise

They were surprised by how fun it was. Surprised by how well they got along with everyone. Surprised by how well they did.

The following day as I edited the footage, watching again the women interacting with each other and the game itself, it was so clear – this is the kind of surprise that golf needs.