By Manuela Whittaker, Planning Director

Get a group of women together and no topic is off-limits. We talk about anything and everything. 

On a recent ladies-only press and social media trip to PGA Catalunya Resort, Barcelona, our time was spent chatting about families, work, where we’d been on our last holiday and even the best way of getting makeup out of a jumpsuit. You name it, we talked about it.

No surprise then – as this was a golf trip after all – we also shared our experiences of how each of us got into golf, what motivates us to play, what events we’d been to that encouraged the game’s uptake from a female perspective, and which of the initiatives we found most relevant.

It was a refreshing change to the typically male-dominated trips, events and occasions that we female golfers normally find ourselves in.

There was a positive group dynamic where girls could be girls and could express themselves freely without comments met with skyward glances or shrugs – unintentional or otherwise – from our male counterparts.

We’d designed this trip specifically for the female golfer. Coinciding with international Women’s Golf Day, we wanted to showcase what our client’s critically-acclaimed venue had to offer female customers.

You don’t find many yoga sessions or 9-hole fourball scrambles, or even giggly Cava vs Champagne tastings, on a typical golf trip, but that is exactly what we did. And it’s why our guests enjoyed every minute of it.

As we sampled delicious tapas and wonderful regional wines, we found our conversations reverted to golf, what we enjoyed most about the game and what elements were important to us.

Despite our diverse backgrounds, albeit all golf-related, broad age range and (widely) varying handicaps, we agreed the social side of golf is what we were all most keen on.

Spending time together and doing something as a family was important for the mums of the group, while having complementary off-course facilities, like a gym, a decent restaurant or even just presentable female locker rooms made a difference to the rest of us.

On our final afternoon in the sun, the ladies reflected on how innovative an idea it was to organise such a trip that really focused on things from a lady’s perspective.

The choice of activities, the banter, the relaxed ambiance, all of it enabled us to have a proper girlie trip. PGA Catalunya Resort created an amazing experience.

Too often golf offers a one-size-fits-all experience. But the reality is not all the customers are the same and golf needs to work harder at its value proposition for the female golfer.

As for our group, we’re now discussing doing it all again – and inviting more friends and colleagues.