Resonance Golf Collection launches with new ‘lifestyle’ vision for golf

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Resonance Golf Collection has today been unveiled, during National Golf Week, as the new name for Open Golf Club, a network of 40 golf courses in Europe.

Founded in 1987, Open Golf Club has completely overhauled its identity in 2022 to convey the collection’s high-end positioning and establish a new, more modern and inspiring brand image, embarking on a new chapter in the business’ development.

While the business values have evolved, they continue to respect the DNA of the family-run organisation, which centres on: excellence, authenticity and sustainability.

Resonance Golf Collection’s ethos is built around key pillars at the centre of the modern golfer’s ideals – experiencing relaxation in nature, enjoying beautiful landscapes and spending quality time with family and friends.

The collection comprises signature golf courses, recognised for their history, their architecture, their setting and their conditioning, located at the heart of regions rich in heritage. The network includes, among others, Golf d’Hardelot, Le Touquet Golf Resort (pictured below) and Golf de Seignosse, ranked among the Top 100 Courses of Continental Europe 2022.

Each venue also offers a range of social and leisure activities beyond golf that are accessible to all who want to enjoy golf’s natural environment.

Resonance Golf Collection CEO, Laurent Boissonnas said: “Our venues offer an outstanding experience that is based on conviviality, fun, pleasure, friendship in the middle of nature, to suit all – golfers and non-golfers alike.

“They provide an opportunity to reconnect with each other and with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – something more and more people are looking for in their leisure time.”

The new brand name – Resonance – conveys harmony, tranquillity, and being at one with nature. It expresses an intensity that reverberates deep within you, that awakens your senses. Resonance is also inspired by the rhythm of a golf swing, exhilarating at the beginning and expectant thereafter.

Laurent Boissonnas added: “Our clientele is very broad – young people, families, couples, and single people for whom golf is the basis of their social life. It is also about beginners just as much as it the more experienced players.

“Our venues are for those who wish to take advantage of our golf courses, but also our restaurants and our outdoor areas. It is a collection for everyone and every desire.”

Resonance Golf Collection’s logo, subtly evokes a golf ball, while drawing on the shape of a plant, a dandelion; a reminder of youthful memories and a symbol of ecological transition, preserving the brand’s values and offering a perfect fit between quality and sustainability.

Its design is primarily inspired by nature, depicting a murmuration of starlings, scattering the seeds of golf excellence. Like the golf courses in the collection, the birds are unique within themselves yet forming together a coherent and harmonious entity.

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