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Syngenta is the leading supplier of innovative turfcare solutions to golf courses in 43 countries. 

The golf industry benefits from Syngenta’s annual $1.4 billion research and development programme, leveraging the resources of one of the world’s largest science-based agtech companies.

Growing Golf
For nearly a decade, Syngenta Golf has been investing in golf from the ground up. Its campaign ‘Growing Golf’, is focused on the long-term business sustainability of golf courses and the economic opportunity to increase female participation. 

Industry Reports
Syngenta’s groundbreaking industry reports (market research by GfK; written and produced by Landmark), highlighted the potential value of increased female participation in golf, worth up to $35 billion a year. 

Strategic Marketing Plan
Landmark has worked closely with Syngenta throughout, helping guide and manage its industry leadership strategy.

Content Marketing
Landmark manages, edits and produces all the content for Syngenta Golf, including its in-depth multimedia features, including the New Value of Golf’s Green SpacesRethinking Golf and Changing the Face of the Golf Business.
Landmark also plays a lead role managing, a unique all-female coaching programme based on market research and academic study.

Women in Golf
Syngenta Growing Golf actively supports the R&A and its Women in Golf Charter.

Growing Golf
The campaign and industry reports, can be found at:

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