New era for golf real estate

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It’s long been the case that the majority of buyers of homes at golf resorts are not actually golfers.

Historically, investors make up the bulk of the market. Only one-third of buyers are actually golfers, according to European Tour Destinations.

But the pandemic has changed people’s perceptions and priorities and golf real estate developments – often outside of cities, in green spaces with five-star amenities and services – are now very much hot property.

Some key trends influencing the market include:

Home working: remote working and education is here to stay and buyers are looking for contemporary homes within developments that meet the needs of both work and family life

Going green: it’s not just the access to fresh air and green spaces that is now more important, buyers want resource efficient homes that contribute positively to sustainability.

Wellness: more than ever, people understand the value of health and wellbeing and resorts are responding with planned amenities, services and experiences to meet customers’ needs.

Learn more about the trends influencing the golf property market – and what leading developments are doing to meet the needs of new customers.

European Tour Destinations: New era for golf real estate