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• New episode reveals dramatic final twist at Derbyshire club

• Did Fame Tate succeed and hit her business targets?

• Popular series has amassed more than 100,000 views on YouTube

Changing the Business of Golf, the popular golf business docuseries from Syngenta, returns to screens today with a new episode concluding an eventful past two years for golf course owner Fame Tate.

In February 2022, golf in the UK was booming and Fame had brought Stanedge Golf Club back from the brink of extinction, transforming it into a thriving business at the heart of the community. 

The first-time business owner has continued to ring the changes inside and out since then, but the unforeseen challenge of a sudden serious illness left the future of Stanedge hanging in the balance.

“Reflection is a wonderful thing and I’ve drawn a lot of positives from being forced to step away from the business,” says Fame in the new episode.

“It made me look at how I operate, the functionality of the business and my own time-management. Being here seven days a week, 365 days a year is just not possible.”

The episode also features key team members who stepped up in testing times, explaining how they coped with the overnight loss of their leader.

Future Plans

In the two years since Changing the Business of Golf was last at Stanedge, golf has continued to thrive in the UK, but clubs and courses have had to adapt to new customers, different expectations and fresh financial pressures.

Fame explains how Stanedge has continued to grow and push forward towards its targets, employing tactics to future-proof its long-term sustainability.

“Our core values have remained the same but obviously the business has changed and developed. I’ve had to change, everyone’s had to change and be on that journey,” she says.

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