Power of podcasting

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Craig Haldane Gary Firkins

Latest statistics suggest the thirst for knowledge from podcasts has never been greater (74% of those tuning in do so to ‘learn new things’: Edison Research). Listeners want to delve deeper into topics and insights, add to their skillset and utilise time that might have otherwise been lost to a commute or journey to the betterment of their personal or professional life.

For organisations, it presents an opportunity too. A low barrier to entry and the chance to foster a closer, lasting connection with its customers, stakeholders or members (a number of golf clubs now have a podcast of their own). 

This month the third instalment of the Syngenta Growing Golf podcast – featuring a globally renowned turf leader in Craig Haldane – is released. 

After a 26-year career managing world class venues including Gleneagles and Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, Haldane is now training the next generation of golf course managers – and sharing his experience and expertise to improve the performance of turf teams while retaining valuable talent.

Talking to host Gary Firkins, Haldane says, “I have a unique perspective from the journey I’ve had – different cultures, different languages, different purpose. I’ve picked up on things that resonate and are transferrable wherever you work.

In an open and honest interview, filmed during the GCSAA Trade Show & Conference in Orlando, Florida, Haldane reveals the biggest mistakes he’s made in his career – and what he learned from the experience.

Episode three of the Syngenta Growing Golf podcast ‘How to Create a Great Team Culture’ is available to listen to now via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other major streaming platforms. You can also watch the episode on YouTube.