Video: Seeing is believing

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In a previous blog, we explained the need to ‘Inform, Educate, Entertain’ in club communications.

In LANDMARK’s experience, 95% of clubs send newsletters focused on information – a longhand version of a notice board.

What’s often forgotten is that clubs are communities and by providing rich content you can bind people together, adding value to their experience as a member, enhancing and rewarding loyalty.

Many general managers say to us, “But my members don’t read what we send them.”

That’s typically because the communications are focused on information, delivered in a boring, unengaging way. Members switch off.

Which is why video is such an important and effective channel of communication, not only for clubs, but also for resorts, consumer brands and business-to-business suppliers.

More members or customers will watch than read.

What’s more, when video is done well, it is trusted because seeing is believing.

In terms of how golf clubs might communicate to members using video, here are three quick ideas – which can all be achieved with smartphone cameras.

INFORM: If there are some updates members need to know about for the week ahead, the general manager might produce a selfie-style video speaking directly and personally to members e.g. “Hello everyone. Just a reminder that the Tuesday night roll-up begins this week. It’s a great way to start the season and you’ll be able to see the work we’ve done on the course over the winter – and enjoy something to eat in the clubhouse from our new menu. Look forward to seeing you.” Of course, it could be longer than this, but you get the picture. More personal and engaging.

EDUCATE: In a similar way, ask your course manager to update members on ongoing works, projects or specific issues. Members in the bar think they are agronomists, but the course manager is the expert and they can explain and educate members. A lack of communication creates a vacuum into which members will pour ill-informed opinions. 

ENTERTAIN: All golfers want to play their best golf and hit better shots. So get one of the professionals to create video tips and use these in your newsletter and on your social channels. Equally, if you are feeling ambitious, try some member interviews. People are inherently interested in other people, and learning more about the members in a club will bring the community closer together and add value to the membership proposition.

LANDMARK provides training to club and resort teams on how to create video content for communications and marketing – as well as guidance on the equipment required.

We can even provide this training over Zoom, although face-to-face is always best.

Recently, we presented a video training session to the Club Managers Association of Europe England Region (CMAEE). 

Speaking personally, as a former university lecturer in media production, providing training is a fascinating and deeply rewarding endeavour. Working with a group of like-minded people is where some of the best ideas for content can be generated. 

After discussing a range of video concepts that would aim to reward members and increase loyalty, we moved into a more practical format, including shooting content using mobile phones.

It proved to be a highly engaging and incredibly thought-provoking session.

Some participants had a very solid grasp of the principles for creating high-quality footage and audio, but wanted to discuss ideas.

For others, who had the ideas for what they wanted to produce for their club, it was more about practising with the technology in a hands-on manner, with experienced practitioners to guide them along the way.

Ending with a summary and debrief, it was thoroughly pleasing to see what each person gained from the session.

Contact me, Nick Reinis-Keightley, about video training for your club, resort or business: [email protected]